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Palestinian Refugee Accuses UNRWA And PA of Corruption

No surprises here, but it is refreshing to hear it from a palestinian who would know

UNRWA Caught With Their Lying Pants On Fire Again

UNRWA's Israel bashing tweet gets demolished in the best possible way.

Ban Ki-moon In Gaza And What A Covered Map Tells Us

Moon visits a UNRWA school where they cover a map of the entire land of Israel

A Suggestion For The Media, Chris Gunness And UNRWA

Shouldn’t the press be visiting some UNRWA schools today to see how they’re talking about yesterday’s terrorist attacks?

Chris Gunness’ Bizarre, Obvious Lie

It seems Chris cannot keep track of his porky pies

AJ+ Exposé Exposes More Than Intended

AJ+ interviews a "refugee" from Balata and reveals much more than they intended to

Chris Gunness Doubles Down On Israel Hate

Linking to an anti-Israel hate site would seem to cement his anti-Israel credentials.

We Can’t Compare Syrian Refugees And Jews Fleeing Nazis

Where were the refugee camps for Jews fleeing Nazi Europe?

Chris Gunness Has More To Worry About Than UN Watch’s Funding

Chris Gunness tries to go on the offensive, and ends up just being offensive.

Today’s Other Devastating Indictment Of NGOs And The Media

“The UN and other international bodies have obviously not heard of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the Arab world.”

The Pied Piper Played And The Rats Followed (Updated)

This is the post I knew I’d be writing this morning.

Chris Gunness Of UNRWA Is Lying Again And The World Won’t Check

Anti-Israel NGOs feeding worthless science to gullible, lethal journalists.


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