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WATCH: What Is The State Department’s Position On The Balfour Declaration? (Updated)

And despite Matt Lee’s best efforts, we still don’t really know.

Sick Of State’s Sanctimonious Settlement Screeching

Jews need to live in Shilo. And Arabs need to accept it. That’s the conversation now.

WATCH: US Administration Really Pissed Over Latest Netanyahu Video

Don't let Press Relations Director Elizabeth Trudeau's robotic delivery fool you - they really hate it

Is The US State Department Finally Catching On?

Or is this just a glitch?

Obama’s Sneaky Attempts To Distort Democracy In Israel Confirmed

Obama’s dirty tricks team is squirming in front of Congress.

WATCH: Someone Send Some Preparation H To The State Department

They’re going to have terrible haemorrhoids at the State Department if they keep sitting on that very narrow fence.

Matt Lee’s Targeted Strike Makes Waves

"Memo to the State Department: It’s time to think twice about knee-jerk criticism of Israel.” - NY Post

WATCH: State Department Can’t Live Up To The Standards It Sets For Israel (Updated)

The US is appalled by disgraceful shelling but only when Jews do it.

US State Department Funding Anti-Israel Activities

Troubling to say the least

Matt Lee To State Department: “Are You Sending Flowers As Well?”

The AP's Matt Lee questions the US State Department on the over-the-top condolences to Iran's President

The Bizarro World Of The US State Department

The insanity continues

State Department’s Marie Harf: Giving ISIS Jobs Is The Solution, Not Killing Them

Seriously, I am beginning to believe the State Department finds their spokespeople off Craigslist

Free Beacon Continues To Expose More State Department Efforts To Interfere In Israeli Elections

The press attempts to keep the public's focus on an invented issue, while ignoring a true government abuse of power.


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