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Why I Am A Happy Donald Trump Supporter

You can learn from listening to Trump supporters.

Reader Post: Torah And Trump

Finding inspiration and insight from Torah to guide us in such challenging times.

Obama To Israel: Goodbye, Farewell, Amen…And FU

Barack Obama's final FU to Israel.

WATCH: Most Disturbing Thing I Have Seen So Far From Anti-Trump Protests

I have seen a lot of disturbing scenes from the recent anti-Trump protests, but this probably takes the cake for me

The Forward’s Ridiculous Claim Of No Palestine Hijacking At Women’s March

The Forward conjures up some more rubbish

BDS-Holes Don’t Just Hate Israel…They Also Hate The US

One of often overlooked things about BDS is that they do not just hate Israel

New Congress Bill To Freeze State Department Funds Until Embassy Moved To Jerusalem

U.S. Senators Marco Rubio, Dean Heller, and Ted Cruz have introduced the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act

Why I Call BS On US Claims “Gang-Up On Israel” Meeting Never Took Place

Here is why I think they are lying

WATCH: Ron Dermer: We Will Present Clear Evidence Of “US Gang-Up” To New Administration

Ron Dermer insists we have evidence of the US being behind the "gang-up" on Israel at the UN

WATCH: Netanyahu Spox: ‘Ironclad Info’ That Obama Administration Helped Push And Craft Resolution

The Israeli PM's spokeman David Keyes pulls no punches

On Obama’s Parting Shot At Israel

Some of my thoughts on this disgraceful act
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