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The Arabs Who Aren’t Indigenous And Jews Who Are

The pull of being and living and breathing an indigenous life is very strong.

Will Amona Be Wiped Off The Map Again To Appease Israel Haters?

I’m strongly with Amona’s residents. Moving them off indigenous Jewish land where ancient Jews made wine and lived is absolutely wrong.

WATCH: Israel-Haters ‘If Not Now When’ Protest Breitbart

If I have to pick a side, I’m always going to pick that which doesn’t include this crowd of BDS supporting, anti-Israel Jews

WATCH: CUFI Making A Big Noise About Murder Payments

Christians United For Israel has launched a campaign against US funding going to the Palestinian Authority and used to reward terrorists.

WATCH: Indigenous People Don’t Call For A Nuclear Holocaust In Their Indigenous Lands

Jews are indigenous to Israel. Israel is the indigenous home of Judaism.

Jihad Jenny Tonge Takes Another Swing At Israel Via Wonderful Stories

It doesn’t matter what Israelis do or is done to them, “it still does not excuse the Occupation”

WATCH: Looking Back In Time At The Tomb Of Prophet Nahum

This is about the destruction of Jewish history across the entire Arab world.

WATCH: When Making Aliyah Was Not Easy

Heroes existed back then and all of these people: the survivors and helpers who built Israel into what it is today.

Why Can’t Anyone Ask Arabs These Questions In English

Summary: “it was the Joooooos!”

WATCH: Brian Tells i24News The People Will Get Their Way

In which I steer the conversation a little bit further from Brexit than most were expecting.

WATCH: “He Was Kind And Calm” While He Murdered

Praise of terror is endemic, systemic and willingly covered up and helped by complicit, lethal, main stream media.

WATCH: How And Why Facebook Can Be Sued In Israel

A simple law suit in Israel could establish that the practice of suspending pro-Israel pages on false charges amounts to defamation.

WATCH: Brian Talks Brexit Again

Various different Brexit media appearances.

WATCH: The Mahmoud Abbas EU Water Libel Lies

Video version of the Mahmoud Abbas self created water libel lie at the EU.


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