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Shhh Don’t Mention The Terrorist Kidnapping

They mentioned it once, but they got away with it because only the Jews saw it

NSFW My Reaction To UK’s Minister For Middle East

And while Syria continues slaughtering Arabs (including so called Palestinians) the only real obstacle to peace anywhere in the world is a Jew wanting a home for his kids.

Hague You Are Evil And Sorry Obama

This is how the UK establishment and media wants to work: fail to report the 100s of rockets on our civilians and then scream when we fight back.

Evil Again Wears A Savile Row Suit

How about ending with "The remarks came after the murderous Syrian regime bussed cannon fodder to the border and bribed them to attack Israel".

The Day In Israel: Thurs Nov 4th, 2010

A number of days ago, UNESCO classified the Jewish holy site Rachel's Tomb as a mosque. Israel has now reacted to this appalling decision by refusing to cooperate with them.
Salam Fayyad

The Day In Israel: Thursday May 13th, 2010

With Israeli-British relations nosediving in recent times, there are some positive signs for Israel regarding the new British government. Such as new British foreign secretary...


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