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Ben & Jerry’s Honors Linda Sarsour & the Women’s March

This leaves a sour taste in my mouth and presumably others who oppose hatred and antisemitism.

Women’s March Co-Founders Tamika Mallory & Linda Sarsour Attack Mainstream Jewish Group

Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour, we see you for what you are

Linda Sarsour Puts on Another Show of Condemning (Some) Antisemitism

Faux feminist and Women's March co-founder Linda Sarsour has condemned the antisemitic remarks of...Valdimir Putin. Louis Farrakhan's? Nope!

WATCH: What Does The Women’s March Say About Louis Farrakhan’s Jew Hatred?

The Women’s March eventually issued a long winded and completely “intersectional” statement that totally fails to condemn Farrakhan

Linda Sarsour’s Nonsensical Excuses For Praising Antisemite & Tolerating Jew Hatred

Myet more evidence Linda Sarsour is a complete fraud

Former PFLP Terrorist One Of “Feminists” Calling For Mass Strike

They don't make feminists like they used to

More On The “Compassionate, Selfless, Loving” Linda Sarsour

More of her hate comes to light

Sophie’s Choice and the Young American Liberal

Young Liberal Jews are forced to make Sophie's Choice

On the Women’s March And Activism

What will this accomplish in the long run?

Elle Magazine Defends Linda Sarsour, Attacking Her Critics As Islamophobic

The fashion magazine seems to be pushing an agenda here

Anti-Israel Nincompoop Of The Day

Quite the multi-tasker


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