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AFP Story On Arafat Museum With Telling Visual

This says it all really

Newly Opened Arafat Museum Peddling Lies

The new Arafat museum opened today in Ramallah

Burying Terrorists And The Lede

Ayman Odeh's disturbing comments about who he believes to be the leadership of the Palestinian people

Legends Of Tomorrow: Subtle Jab At Palestinian Terror

What happens when I am taking a break from blogging

Abbas And His Diabolical Plan To Move Arafat’s Shrine To Jerusalem

Arafat chance of this happening

Unfortunately Named Cricketer Of The Day

He's a real dynamite player

Al Jizz Break Bad For Arafat Advertisement

A transparent attempt to cash in on the popularity of one of the best shows to ever grace our televisions

Arafat Polonium Resurrection Is Junk Science

Detecting Polonium 210 after 8 years is like trying to hear someone whispering on a busy street in New York. While you’re standing in London.

Suha Arafat Wishes She Never Married Yasser

Suha Arafat has revealed she tried to divorce her hubby at least 100 times. But unlike the blood on his hands, it wouldn't stick

Arafat’s AIDS Revisited

Israeli officials have reportedly (again) raised the idea that arch terrorist Yasser Arafat died of AIDS

Suha Arafat Admits Second Intifada Was Premeditated

Suha Arafat admits her deceased husband planned the Second Intifada way before Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount
arafat lookalike

World’s Most Unfortunate Jobs #7

Arafat impersonator

EU Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Yep, that's not a typo

Head Of Medical Committee Investigating Arafat’s Death Can’t Confirm Polonium Poisoning

The head of a medical committee investigating the death of Terrorfat doesn't seem so sure the deceased terrorist boarded the Polonium Express to hell
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