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Polonium Shmonium

Tales from the low activity suite

Headline Of The Day

..comes courtesy of the Times of Israel

The Weirdest “Pro-Israel Scumbags” You’ll Ever See

Here's a couple of other "pro Israel scumbags" who claimed Arafat died of AIDS

Sprung! Richard Silverstein Believed Arafat Died Of AIDS

Looking back over Silverstein's post Arafat death post, some interesting facts emerge

How Reuters See The Legacy Of Arafat

According to this Reuters slideshow, the arch terrorist was a regular boy scout

More Polonium Baloney-um

The return of an old Kofi Annan-Arafat meme, in light of the recent reports regarding Arafat's possible poisoning

New “Study” On Arafat’s Death: Radio(active) Killed The Terrorist Star

The mandatory "Jews killed Arafat" theory of this year

Arafat’s Medical Report Reveals AIDS Symptoms

Last week, Piggyfat was in the news. This week, it is her deceased terror-hubby's turn

Piggyfat Points The Finger

A few days ago, I posted about the travails of Sewer Arafat, who had an arrest warrant issued against her. Before reading on, can you guess who she blames?

The Downfall of Sewer Arafat?

An arrest warrant has been issued against Piggyfat

If You Read Only One Thing Today..

..make it this.

Heads Up On Shimon Peres’ Latest Idea

From the originator of the Club Med Gaza idea comes Einstein Head Museum

Dahlan Under Fire

Old and busted: The Jews poisoned Arafat New hotness: Dahlan poisoned Arafat
arafat headline

Typo of the Day

At least *I* think so
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