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Quote of the Day

"I enjoyed the opportunity to show many different aspects of my personality. To interview Yasser Arafat and then talk about shoes and paint pottery....

The Best of Terrorfat: Old Bug-Eyes is Back

Introducing Yasser Afatrat. PLO leader. Arch terrorist. Super-geek.

The Best of Terrorfat: The Many Faces of Afatrat

PLO Arab terrorist leader Yasser Afatrat is no one dimensional villain. He has many dimensions. There's his courageous side: (It takes guts to roll your boogers...

The Best of Terrorfat: Heyyy

The fortz strikes again.

The Best of Terrorfat: Martyred…With Children

Meet Al (Aqsa) Bundy:

The Best of Terrorfat: The Shadow Knows

One of the funniest features from my Mad magazine collection was The Shadow Knows. If I recall correctly, it was done by Sergio Aragones,...

Terrorfat Death Edition

As we say in Australia.."Bout bloody time!" Finally, the PA have announced Terrorfat's death almost a week after it occurred. In honor of the official announcement,...

Pappafat and Piggyfat

(Pappa Smurf idea inspired by Imshin. Who am I kidding? It was totally her idea. But I will take credit for the Miss Pigg
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