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I See What You Did There, Disgruntled Ynet Employee

Ynet's news ticker person seems ticked off

Bibi Bitchslaps YNet


Depeche Mood

Not happy

BDSHoles Don’t Know Beans About Hummus

BDSHoles in Ottawa won't eat Sabra hummus, but Gazans can't get enough of the stuff.

A Plane Is A Plane

Ynet opt for the lazy way to find an illustration photo: Google something grey with wings

Ynet – A Falling Star

Ynet found some new planets in our solar system

It’s The Demographics, Stoopid

How many ways are there to say "Arab"?

The Idiots Of Yediot (And Times Of Israel)

Ynet (And Times of Israel) use Arab narrative and call a Druze from Golan a "Syrian"

Ynet Removes Evidence Of Their Sloppiness

Ynet has responded to my post showing their El Al hostess report was a bucket of hogwash

Ynet Fooled By Fake El Al Story

Last week I showed how the "El Al has the most beautiful stewardesses in the world" story was likely bunk. Over a week later, Ynet falls for it hook, line and sinker

Rajaa Abu Shaban: Death By Swing Or Car?

Ynet gives a new cause of death

Israel Arrests Terrorist Released in Shalit Deal, Haaretz is Still Haaretz

Israel rearrested a terrorist released in Shalit deal, while Haaretz cannot report the facts.

Ynet’s Douche Fixation

Ynet has again quoted The DouchebloggerTM as if a legitimate, trustworthy source of information


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