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Terror-Supporter and Jew Hater Yvonne Ridley Speaks At Holocaust Memorial Event

Yesterday, I posted some of the vile social media posts by antisemites and Israel haters on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. But others actually showed their ugly faces at Holocaust Remembrance Day events - like infamous terror supporter and Jew hater Yvonne Ridley.

Yvonne Ridley’s Latest Anti-Israel Screed Riddled With Lies

Ridley hates Israel and lies shamelessly - both of which are evident in her latest piece

Haters, I Hate To Break The News But Zionism Is Central To Judaism

A post inspired by my brother-in-law's wedding last night

Anti-Zionism Is Jew Hatred: The Turkey Reason

Would Scotland send its army to rescue Jews or would Scotland let their blood flow in the streets and issue a condemnation?

Yvonne Ridley’s Chilling Tweet

Vile tweet from a vile person

Fisking a Fool: Terror Supporter Yvonne Ridley

Terror supporter Yvonne Ridley writes of the Ship of Fools entry into Gaza. Well, you would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to...

The Terror-Supporters of “Free Gaza”

If the photographs of Free Gaza "activists" mingling, hugging, and smiling with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was not enough to convince you that we...


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