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Reader Post: 2016 Divided By 1984

Is there a home for a Jew and a Zionist in the UK's Labour Party?

Haters, I Hate To Break The News But Zionism Is Central To Judaism

A post inspired by my brother-in-law's wedding last night

Richard Silverstein’s Latest Hilarious Lie

You can't make this sh*t up - unless your name is Richard Silverstein

The Progressive Case For Israel

A leftist's perspective on Zionism

She Was Brain-Injured by Antisemitism and Now Fights for Israel: Meet Advocacy Powerhouse Neili...

Brain-injured as a result of antisemitic bullies, Neili Eggert turns adversity into opportunity on her college campus.

Guest Post: Can a Non-Jew Be a Zionist? And Can We Talk About It?

Sheri tackles a controversial subject
Israeli flag

Reader Post: I’m a Progressive Liberal Who Supports Israel, And Here’s Why (Part 2):...

Reader Jose continues his explanation as to why he is a progressive liberal who supports Israel
Israeli flag

Reader Post: I’m a Progressive Liberal Who Supports Israel, And Here’s Why (Part I)

Reader Jose begins to explain why he supports Israel as a Progressive Liberal

How I’m #TakingBackZionism

They've tried to adulterate the definition of Zionism, to make "Zionism" a dirty word. I say enough is enough - I'm #TakingBackZionism

Jews Outside of Israel Can Vote

Here's how
octopus boat

Reader Post: Anti-Zionism And Antisemitism Are One And The Same

Binyamin argues why anti-Zionism is really antisemitism

Reader Post: Zionism – Our Freedom Song, Our Hope is Not Lost

Reader Rabbi Avi Schwartz thinks although the hour looks bleak, there is cause for hope

Reader Post: Why The Radical Left Sides With Palestinians

Reader Binyamin explains the radical left's anti-Israel outlook


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