Ezra Levant on Shire Network News Podcast

This week’s Shire Network News has just been released and comes with its own scoop. Ezra Levant is this week’s show talking about his interrogation at the hands of a Human Rights Tribunal in Canada. He exclusively reveals that his interrogator has asked to be removed from the case because of the public scrutiny she is receiving.

Podcast reveals resignation of State interrogator. Hooray!

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  • Knight of Good Mr. Iron Man

    This whole affair has made me ashamed to be Albertan. Our new Premier is a joke also…

  • Shy Guy

    He exclusively reveals that his interrogated……

    That should read “interrogator”.

  • http://podcast.shirenetworknews.net Brian of London

    Thanks Shy Guy, fixed.

  • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

    Great show as usual, Brian, although you lifted my “Different Ways to Skin a Rabbit” without attribution!

    How am I going to take over the world if I don’t get the credit?! :)

  • http://podcast.shirenetworknews.net Brian of London

    Strictly an oversight, fixed now. I did have two links back to your site, now it’s three.

    Releasing the show on a public holiday in the US seems to have caused a perfect storm. I’m rather happy the site is still working this morning!

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