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Libels against Israel and the Jewish people thoroughly debunked

Latest Libel: The Execution of a Palestinian Youth As He Was Heading to the...

The Palestinian Information Center decries the killing of Mustafa Younes, who they claim was "slaughted in broad daylight" in front of his mother, as he was heading to the hospital

Pink News Falsely Claims Israeli Health Minister Called Coronavirus a Punishment for Homosexuality

Today, Lily Wakefield from PinkNews reported that Israeli health minister Yaakov Litzman, who had claimed coronavirus was divine punishment for homosexuality, had tested positive for COVID-19.

Latest Libel: “Settlers” Attempted to Kidnap and Stab Man Because He Was Palestinian

The Israel-haters are having a field day with this mage of a wounded palestinian

Survey Proves Israel Has Been Providing Real-Time Coronavirus Updates For Her Arab Citizens

Remember how Israel-haters were claiming Israel was not releasing updates - real-time or otherwise - to her Arab citizens in Arabic? A newly released survey should confirm what I already showed at the time - the allegation was a malicious lie.

Latest Libel: Israel Sent a Doctor with Coronavirus to Infect Palestinian Prisoners

Israel haters have alleged that Israel sent a doctor, diagnosed with coronavirus, to a prison to treat a sick palestinian, presumably to spread the coronavirus among inmates

Israel Haters Falsely Accuse Israel of Arresting BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti

Anti-Israel websites Middle East Monitor and Palestine Chronicle have reported on the arrest of Omar Barghouti and his son.

Where Our “Peace Partners” Spread Corona-Libels About Israel

Members of the PA and Fatah are spreading insidious lies about Israel, despite our efforts to help the palestinians contain the coronavirus

Latest Libel: Israeli Soldiers Deliberately Spitting to Spread Coronavirus

Palestinian and anti-Israel sites and social media users have been disseminating a video as proof that there is a concerted effort to spread coronavirus among the palestinians.

Latest Libel: Israel Threw Out Palestinian With Suspected Coronavirus Symptoms

Middle East Eye and other sites are claiming Israel dumped near a checkpoint a palestinian man exhibiting coronavirus symptoms.

Debunking the Libels Surrounding the Death of Rachel Corrie

With yesterday being the 17th anniversary of ISM 'activist' Rachel Corrie's death, the haters have gone into overdrive posting lies about it on social media.

California State University Professor Spreads ‘Coronavirus’ Blood Libel about Israel

As'ad AbuKhalil is a Lebanese-American professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus. He is also a virulent antisemite who spreads conspiracy theories about the world's only Jewish state.

Latest Half-Baked Anti-Israel Libel

Palestinian and anti-Israel websites have been reporting how we unjustly closed down a 60-year-old palestinian bakery


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