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  • marc says:

    i like the site. marc

  • Maria S. says:

    This letter is to Mr. Brian of London in relation to the post:

    Dear Mr. Brian of London:

    This ‘article’ must be deleted immediately. First of all, Mr. Nyman is dealing with the lie that has been published in that newspaper; the newspaper is going to delete what they wrote and apologize.

    What Michael Nyman would like you to know -paraphrasing your title- is that his desire is not to declare himself in favour of any side, and he has been very careful about it all this time since it is a very delicate matter -and he has the right to have his privacy-, and for sure he did not sign any petition, and what this newspaper did is simply unacceptable. It is outrageous to use someone’s name in such a complicated matter without his permission, with a total lack of respect, telling lies like this one.

    As one of his agents, I ask you kindly to delete this post that spreads false information and menaces his public image. What you are doing here very ‘bravely’ is to say that Mr. Nyman is pro-terrorism, and that is a very serious accusation. If you are able to say such a thing, you should give your whole name and information, because it is actually a dangerous thing to be said about someone.

    If this is not deleted today, we will take legal actions -with the best lawyers, yes; it is worthwile given the subject- against you as an individual -for your serious accusations-, and against this web-site.

    This simply can not be permitted. This post is against the truth and damages the reputation of my client.


    María Silvera.

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