Palestinian Arab heroine Dalal Mughrabi


Firas Press is reporting that part of Israel’s deal with Hezbollah will involve handing over the body of one of the most notorious female terrorists ever, Dalal Mughrabi.

On March 11, 1978, Mughrabi led a band of eleven terrorists who took boats from Lebanon and landed north of Tel Aviv. Upon landing, they met an American photographer, Gail Rubin. Their intended target was Tel Aviv so they asked her where they were. Once she told them, they murdered her.

They then hijacked a bus filled with families going on an outing, seemingly with the intent to take it to Tel Aviv.

An IDF unit chased the bus and finally forced it to stop, and then the shootout began. Mughrabi and her gang started shooting passengers point-blank and then they firebombed the bus itself, trapping the passengers. At least 35 were killed, including 13 children, in what became known as the Coastal Road Massacre.

The Palestinian Authority named a girls’ school in Hebron after Mughrabi. PA summer camps and other special events are named in her honor as well. By any measure, she is regarded by Palestinian Arabs as a role model.

The Fatah-leaning Firas Press article about her as well as all the commenters even today consider this bloodthirsty terrorist as a “martyr.”

Once again, we see the caliber of Palestinian Arab “heroes” – the people who have murdered the most innocent people.

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