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Did Livni Lie Back And Think Of Israel?

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tzipi livniFor days the Arab media has been pounding on a report that Tzipi Livni had sex with Arabs in the service of Israel (covered hereAussie Dave).

This retraction in Quds Al Arabi (link in Arabic) pretty much lays that story to rest even if it’s a bit confusing in google translation.

Quds Al-Arabi


London “Arab Jerusalem”: Hebrew press said that the former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and found fabricated the story published by the newspaper “Al Masry Al Youm” widespread in Egypt laughable and entertainment.

The “Egyptian Today” attributed to the words of Livni did not say they had sex with Arab officials when she was working with Mossad in order to obtain confidential information from them and extortion. And Hebrew newspapers said what I said, “The Egyptian Today” and accounted for the British newspaper The Times in an interview published in 2009 was distorted and did not indicate Livni at all. Many comments were published Arab newspapers on this issue as تهكمت several Hebrew newspapers on fabricated story.

Now, of course, we just have to wait for the stories that she’s a racist because she DIDN’T have sex with Arabs! Remember the student who’s thesis claimed that Jewish soldiers were racist because they didn’t rape Arab women? Oh we laughed and laughed at that one!

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