Winning The War Of The Womb

Everywhere I go I see loads of Jewish children. And some Arab ones too.
Everywhere I go I see loads of Jewish children. And some Arab ones too.

There’s a new article in Commentary taking specific aim at exploding the dangerous myth that Jews in Israel are under some sort of demographic threat from Muslim Arabs. I believe large elements of Caroline Glick’s new book also back up this view too.

The article begins:

Figures released today show that Israel’s demographic situation continues to move in a direction that is positive for the future of the Jewish state, quite in contravention to the prevailing wisdom about Israel’s impending demographic peril. Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics has released the birthrate figures for 2013, revealing that the Jewish birthrate is continuing to rise as the Muslim birthrate is continuing to decline.

Just as I believe BDS is a relatively toothless threat designed by peace processors to create some sort of false urgency for concessions to be made, so too is the “demographic bomb”.

And nothing proves that point more appropriately than reading the following (toward the end of the Commentary piece which I encourage you to read in full):

In 1987 Thomas Friedman gave Israel twelve years until the demographic bomb went off. We’re still waiting. Those, such as Obama, who attempt to use demographics to alarm Israel into rushing into territorial concessions that could be strategically reckless simply don’t have the stats to backup their threats.

Ah, yes, dear old Thomas Friedman, who’s still running around the middle east claiming Man Made Global Warming™ is to blame for the Syrian civil war. When I add 12 to 1987 I get, errr, a long time ago. And the only demographic bomb that’s exploded is the Jewish population. I guess Tom Friedman isn’t quite the prophet he thinks he is: just another prophet of doom prediction that was bullshit. I wonder if his views on man made global warming are similarly reliable.

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