The Poor Oppressed Men Of Saudi Arabia


image Arab girls, photo Knesset building apartheid state, photo arab girlsWhile successful American women think there is some merit to trying to ban the word “bossy” #faceplam #seriously there might be more significant issues to deal with in the world today.

Take, for instance, the valid concerns of this upstanding and worried Saudi man. He’s concerned that all this talk of how many women are mercilessly beaten by their husbands or the other men who own them might lead to a backlash against men!

I’ve tried now for a few minutes to think of a valid way to satirise this piece. I can’t. Just read it and then go back to discussing whether we should give legal rights to married homosexuals.

Saudi Gazette: Let’s protect the rights of men!

A female television broadcaster who is also a women’s rights activist recently spoke about the phenomenon of violence against women in Arab societies. While demanding an end to this phenomenon, she said that female victims of violence suffer from various psychological disorders.

However, no discussions took place on the violence perpetrated by women against men. Is there any organization to count the number of men who have been subjected to violence and harassment from women? Every one of us – both men and women – know that a large number of men have been put behind bars simply because of women. They include murderers, thieves and corrupt officials. There are large numbers of men who have lost their dignity at the hands of women, have become mentally unstable, have committed suicide and have even become addicted to drugs.

Why do we not count these as examples of men who have been victimized by women? I recently read a warning from a women’s rights activist that there has been an increase in the number of men in Arab society who have become victims of assault and harassment at the hands of women. I think that the harassment caused by women is more harmful because it falls into the category of mental harassment.

Women resort to lies, manipulation, conspiracy and tricks that they employ in all occasions and situations. A woman will use words, tears, laughter, fake illness, and whispering to deceive her man. All of these are the sources of her strength. A woman outshines man in this respect because she has more control over her emotions and sentiments than a man does.

If you look at any food channel, you can see that most professional chefs who show their expertise and talent in the art of cuisine are men, even though cooking is supposed to be the duty of women. In general, women suffer from an acute shortage of creativity because they stick to the ground reality. Women are not typically inclined toward adventurism and experimentation. On the other hand, a woman is more dedicated to consumption and materialism. She is content with possessing things and simply keeping them without taking advantage of them. If you have a look at her “treasures” in the cupboards and trays of a kitchen, you will understand my point. For instance, it is futile to assume that she might spend half of the value of kitchenware on buying books.

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