Sarah Schulman Is #JewWashing Her Antisemitism


Sarah Schulman, the professor at the College of Staten Island who popularized the idea that the Israeli government protects the rights of Israeli Jewish and non-Jewish LGBTQ people only to “pinkwash” its treatment of Palestinians, now claims that she can’t be antisemitic because she is Jewish.

Sarah SchulmanThe Zionist Organization of America recently sent a letter to NY State Senator Jack Martins, which described anti-Semitic comments that Schulman has made. In response, Schulman reportedly said to the NY Daily News,

“How can I be anti-Semitic? I’m Jewish.” 

As I’ve written before, internalized antisemitism is a growing problem plaguing the Jewish community. It is similar to the way that internalized homophobia plagues the LGBTQ community. Schulman is one of the most-high profile examples of Jewish antisemitism.

Schulman is a professor at The College of Staten Island, a school with a 2014 applicant acceptance rate of 100% and a six-year graduation rate of 47%. Her biography on CSI’s website indicates that she holds only a Bachelor’s degree from Empire State College.

Contacted by Canary Mission via Twitter, Schulman did not respond.

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