WATCH: Sign The Petition For Speakers Trust


Here’s the introductory video for a petition that has been started over the Leanne Mohamad, Wanstead High School hate speech video.

I know the outcry we’ve started over this 3 minute video is going to mean it’s seen by many more people than would otherwise have seen it. We may end up turning Leanne Mohamad into some sort of minor child star like Shirley Temper. I’m willing to accept that.

The reason I’m doing this and keeping the pressure on is that I see it as a test case. Her 3 minute video contains no new claims. Lies like that are repeated ad-nauseum any time two or three Jew hating BDSHoles are gathered together. Her video was short and to the point and it was delivered by a child, to children with the connivance of a multitude of adults. That’s why it represents a test.

If we can’t make reasonable un-aligned people in the UK understand why this video is so bad, then the UK will continue to become increasingly toxic for Jews. Jews will be forced not just to keep quiet about Israel but to outright denounce the Jewish State over and over again.

We’re fighting a cognitive war to get the truth to displace their lies.

My twitter feed is full of people accusing me of vile things. This is not about attacking a school girl. This is about the school that didn’t recognise the danger in her words.

We know, just as it was when Jewish David fought Goliath, we don’t have the numbers, but we know truth is on our side. Please help keep lies and slander about Israel out of UK schools by signing this petition.

And a huge thanks to Kay Wilson for leading off the video.

Please sign the petition. We won’t win on numbers, but we have truth.

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