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Cool Israeli Technology: Talkitt

Israeli technology giving everyone a voice.

Samsung Galaxy’s Blue And White Connection

The Israeli R & D center for the Korean giant.

BDS Fail Of The Sol*

How an Israeli made cooling unit is currently roaming Mars

Electric Vehicle Stimulating Simulation – iEV For iPhone

After a few days you'll be able to see if your daily routine commute will fit within the battery of a range of different electric cars

When Ideology Gets In The Way

Volvo has produced a moderate electric car in a world screaming for extremes.

I’m Sure This iPhone App Will Score Big With Obama

This is the latest Israeli high tech startup that is poised to score big by selling it's novel app to the US military.

Have You Joined Conservatives For OPEC? AKA Volt Bashing Right Wingers

If Big Oil grew weed, Detroit would be making the bongs. Let’s get something straight, the bailout of the US car companies didn’t only happen because the auto industry was lobbying.

Better Place In JPost Business

What has the hold up been? Form 4 – building permit applications.

Apple: Designed In California & Israel?

The real question: why did it take Apple so long?

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