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Friday, July 21, 2017

Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy Slams Media Bias Against Israel

Victoria's opposition leader has slammed the bias of the mainstream media, after witnessing their fake news firsthand

WATCH: Jordanian MP Dima Tahboub Praises Murder of Israeli Schoolgirls

Coming from an MP of one of our peace partners

Radiohead Treat Israeli Fans To Their Longest Concert in 11 Years

Radiohead does not disappoint. To say the least

Antisemite Thomas Lopez-Pierre Does Terrible Job Of Trying to Hide His Antisemitism

I can't quite work out whether he is just trying to mess with people, or is really this stupid.

Saudi Arabia Arrests Woman in Miniskirt, And It’s Somehow All About Israel

Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein never misses an opportunity to make everything about Israel

Arab-Israeli Singer Nasreen Qadri: Why Radiohead Should Perform in Israel

The latest voice to speak out against BDS and in support of Radiohead and Israel

Hamas Screws Up Again

They have now issued a press release that contradicts everything they have said until now

What Waqf, Palestinian & Muslim Reactions To Temple Mount Events Teach Us

So let's try to wrap our heads around this

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