Podcast Salutes Americas Favorite Mom « Shire Network News

This week’s Shire Network News is now out. Israellycool readers might enjoy one of the blog news items about the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen in Lebanon. It’s in the first part of the show, before the interview.

Podcast salutes Americas Favorite Mom « Shire Network News

This week’s guest is Patti Patton-Bader, founder of Soldiers Angels, which organises a surprisingly vast array of methods by which you, the ordinary civillian at home, can show real support for the troops.

Whether it be by sending care packages, baked goods, blankets and cards, providng practical assistance for soldiers families, assisting chaplains with their work, or even organising voice-activated laptop computers for wounded soldiers, Soldiers Angels can help you to help the troops.

Go visit www.soldiersangels.org. You will also find news there of the Mom of the Year award that Patti received on Mother’s day in the US.

In Blog News this week we talk about Sheik Ali Al-Faqir’s appearance on Al Aqsa TV as reported by Memri. Apparently main stream opinion in Islam is that the whole world should be conquered by Jihad. What a surprise.

Obama thinks there are 58 states in the US. It’s all over the blogs.

For video of Jeremy Bowen under fire (and not by Israel either) you can look at the BBC site.

This week we have a contribution from Doug Payton. He’s terribly worried by the changes in the weight of the standard Kilogram.

We have our regular chat with Evan Sayet and you can pre-order his new book on Amazon.

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