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Two interesting stories out of Egypt this week, and both of them have tenuous connections to Jews and Israel.

In the first, a wife-swapping club was found in Egypt:

Egyptians have reacted with shock at the country’s first known case of wife-swap involving married couples.

Earlier this week, police arrested the couple, using the pseudonyms Magdy and Samira, who had allegedly set up a wife-swapping club via the internet. A total of 44 married couples were alleged to be members of the club, according to security sources.

The two main suspects, confessed in questioning to having organised orgies in their apartment in Giza, south of Cairo, the sources added.

Magdy, 48, told investigators he had suffered sexual impotence after he retired from work six years ago and had to see pornographic films and websites, the semi-official Al Jumhuria newspaper reported yesterday.

“I stumbled on a website on wife swap run by a Jewish Kurd in northern Iraq, who explained the idea to me and encouraged me to promote it in Egypt through my own website. I suggested the idea to my wife, who liked it,” he added. They have two children.

The husband told prosecutors he had convinced his wife, a 37-year-old Arabic teacher, of the idea of “a swinger lifestyle as a form of physical recreating between consenting married couples”.

The couple said they had insisted that partners involved in the alleged orgies be legally married and show their officially registered marriage contracts, the security sources said.

The second story involved that ever-popular topic, impotence drugs:

A television advertisement for erectile dysfunction medication has been pulled from the air in Egypt after viewers protested about its use of popular song Keep the Weapon Awake, media reported.

The song was penned in 1973 by Egyptian poet Ahmed Shafiq Kamel, to rouse Egyptians during the Arab-Israeli 1973 war when the Israeli army reached the Suez Canal, Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Yom reported.

One Egyptian satellite television owner, who said his station had stopped airing the advertisement, described it as “annoying and not right”, the newspaper reported.

You gotta give credit to that advertising agency!


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