Jewish Temple Menorah Found In Jewish Country


But of course, this is Palestinian land and the Jews are just recent occupiers. More bad news for the neighbours. It’s time to stop appeasing and start digging properly.

h/t Emet m’Tsiyon: Jewish Temple Menorah Found Illustrated on Ancient Bread Stamp.

The tiny stamp was used to identify baked products and it probably belonged to a bakery that supplied kosher bread to the Jews of Akko in the Byzantine period.

A 1,500 year old seal bearing an image of the seven-branched Temple Menorah was discovered near the city of Akko.
A ceramicstamp from the Byzantine period (6th century CE) was discovered in excavations the Israel Antiquities Authority is currently conducting at Horbat Uza east of Akko, prior to the construction of the Akko-Karmiel railroad track by the Israel National Roads Company. This find belongs to a group of stamps referred to as “bread stamps” because they were usually used to stampbaked goods.


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