You Want To Talk About Israel Palestine?

Warning: some mildly salty language with sexual references.

It’s funny, but it’s also sad: it’s sad because it shows how, even in America, the idea that Jews were just inserted into Israel because of guilt after the Holocaust is so strong. Remember, Obama repeated this in his very first speech to the Muslim world after being elected.

Nothing about the centuries of continuous Jewish presence here, nothing about the yearning to return to our land, nothing about the century of Zionism that predated the Holocaust. Oh well, I guess we have to understand this represents just about the most positive, main stream US view of Israel we can expect.

I can only say I’m sure a European one would be unimaginably worse. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “You Want To Talk About Israel Palestine?”

  1. The PLO did a fantastic job in the PR department that has perpetuated many lies about Israel to the point that even low information voters in America have bought some of them. It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to fight this war of misinformation to the death if necessary.

  2. dont blame the world for connecting the creation of the state of israel to the holocaust, when israel does it too

    yom hashoah comes a week before yom haatzmaut

    its a mistake

    the holocaust has nothing to do with the holocaust and yom hashoah should occur during the 3 weeks

    and this bit is neither funny nor accurate

    and most american teens dont give the mideast a second thought

  3. Israel gave up in the PR department a long time ago
    this was the determining and tragic mistake
    it is pointless to win the battles and lose the war

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