Monuments On Either Side Of The Green Line


You might have blinked and missed the media blitz last month when the Palestinian Authority “re-dedicated” a square that had already been named after Dalal Mughrabi. Mughrabi was being honored for killing 37 civilians, including 12 children, and wounding another 70.

Mohammed Abu Khdeir
Mohammed Abu Khdeir

In contrast, the racist apartheid Israeli government has added the name of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the Palestinian Arab terror victim, to its Victims of Acts of Terror Memorial at Mount Herzl. Ynet News reports today:

Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the Palestinian teenager from East Jerusalem who was kidnapped and murdered by Jewish settlers last summer, has been added to the Victims of Acts of Terror Memorial at Mount Herzl, Israel Radio reported on Tuesday morning.

His name was also added to the list of terror victims in the government-run website.

The Defense Ministry recognized Abu Khdeir as a victim of “hostile action” in July, some two weeks after he was murdered.

In any society, there will be criminals and individuals who commit despicable acts. A society should be judged, not for having such individuals, but for how they respond to such acts. Palestinian society honors the killer, while Israeli society honors the victim. In these two cases, the difference speaks volumes.

Update: The Ynet News report that I linked to above has been updated to reflect that Israel’s gesture of apology and good will has been rejected and Khdeir’s name has been removed from the monument at his family’s request.

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