WATCH: Three Jewish Girls Breaking Hearts Across Arab World


Three Yemeni Israeli Jews and they’re picking up fans all over the Arab world.

My friend Gavin Gross says this about the band:

I predict world domination for this Israeli band. “Habib Galbi” is their single with 1+ million hits on YouTube (and it was blasting out of a clothing store on Allenby yesterday).

A-WA is three Israeli Jewish sisters from a farming village in the Negev, with a Yemenite dad, who take traditional Arabic folk songs and add modern beats.

They have fans across the Arab world and were featured on the “Mipsterz” (Muslim Hipsters) Facebook page. There was even an article about them in Foreign Policy magazine earlier this year.

You can catch A-WA at The Barby in Tel Aviv on 15 September, with guests Balkan Beat Box. I saw them at their last big Barby show in May (sold out) and it was fantastic.

And lets face it, this post was worth it just for you to find out that there is Facebook page for Muslim Hipsters!

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