Israel Arrests Jewish Terrorists As Leftist And Arab Parties Freak Out


Today was a good day for Israeli justice as the police finally announced the arrest of several Jewish terrorists who officials say carried out the attack on the Dawabshe family in Duma back in July that killed four month old Ali and his two parents.

However, not everyone in Israel welcomed this news. No, it wasn’t the “right-wing extremist settlers” of the Yesha Council, who condemned “the heinous crime,” saying, “The acts committed were immoral and harmed the values of the state of Israel and the settlements.”

Rather, the anger came from the Left who are convinced that, despite not having any information yet due to the continuing gag order, clearly Israel is racist since it often arrests Arab terrorists quickly but it took longer to arrest these Jewish terrorists. Apparently, according to the Left, arresting someone in the middle of a stabbing attack is just as easy as arresting a secret group of people who attacked a house in the middle of the night leaving almost no clues as to who they were or where they came from. They are also forgetting that the police arrested the Jewish terrorists behind the murder of Muhammad Abu Khedir within a matter of days. No matter, according to them Israel is racist against Arabs so they have to force the facts to fit their preconceived worldview.

Did Meretz Chairwoman Zahava Gal-on, who said it was”very bad that it took so long” to make the arrests had access to evidence the Israel Police and Shin Bet did not? If so she should be investigated and if not she should not get in the way of police investigations.

Zouheir Bahloul, the Zionist Union’s token Arab MK from their “minority slot,” apparently thinks that if police can’t make the arrests on the same day, then they shouldn’t even bother since he said the arrests were “too little, too late.” I think we can all be grateful that Bahloul is not in charge of anyone’s security.

But perhaps the most “interesting” response to the arrests came from Join Arab List, Hadash MK Yousef Jabareen.

“The main [thing] responsible for the murder is the occupation that has persisted for nearly 10 decades, under whose auspices crimes like this are committed.”

Rather than thanking the police for their persistent investigation that has finally born fruit, he decided to exploit the deaths of Baby Ali and his parents to make a political message about the “Occupation.” But his description of the “Occupation” is very telling.

Nearly 10 decades? Israel retook Judea and Samaria nearly 5 decades ago. Israel was reestablished nearly 7 decades ago. But 10 decades ago there was no Israel and no settlements. 10 decades ago there were only Jews living under Ottoman occupation. However, according to Jabareen’s Joint List, the mere presence of Jews is “illegal occupation” and must end. This is all the more shocking given that he is a member of Hadash, the joint Jewish-Arab communist party. If even high ranking Arab members of the party that prides itself on being “the Champion of Jewish-Arab coexistence” conflate even a minor Jewish presence in a Muslim state to be “occupation” then we need to stop being surprised when our peace offers are rejected and our very existence as a Jewish State is denied by others even more extreme.

Moreover, if Israeli Arabs do not agree with the extremism of Jabareen and the rest of the Joint List, it is about time they formed a party that better represents them.

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