WATCH: Kay Wilson Gets The Last Word At The UNHRC

I posted earlier that today was the mandated bash Israel day at the UN Human Rights Council. I watched most of it live: a relentless tirade of lies and half truths and exaggerations to malign Israel. You can see my live tweets here.

But there was some hope. Arsen Ostrovsky, Hillel Neuer and Micha Avni spoke well, but the last word fell to Kay Wilson. If that place was human, there shouldn’t have been a dry eye.

Earlier she also spoke at greater length outside the UN:

Here are the other videos for our side:

Micha Avni is the son of Richard Likin (z”l) who was murdered last year.

Arsen Ostrovsky in the morning

Arsen Ostrovsky in the afternoon.

Association of US Lawyers and Jurists

European Union Of Jewish Students

Big thanks to Stand With Us for sending Kay and to UNWatch and the few other organisations who stand up for Israel and to Simon at Sussex Friends of Israel for getting these videos on YouTube so quickly.

I can’t help but think, however, that the entire thing should be boycotted. The major nations boycott this Agenda item 7, only NGO’s like the ones above still show up. I just don’t see how granting it any kind of legitimacy helps us.


Brian of London

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