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Where Orim Gets Manhandled

It's amazing how these people - who claim they are anti-violence - are so damn violent!

Shuafat Violence – Geolocating Israel Police’s FUBAR

The Police personnel sheltered behind the computer screens appear to have lost connection to the reality on the ground

Hamas Are Beating Palestinians With Big Sticks

I’m sure Hamas big sticks are for decorative purposes only.

Facebook Doesn’t See Any Hate Speech Or Graphic Violence On Islamic Jihad’s Page

So I decided to point it all out for them

Extreme Violence From Qalandiya Refugee Camp

The PA has canceled peace talks scheduled for today following the killing of three palestinians in the Qalandiya refugee camp

Latest Violence From Gaza

And not an Israeli in sight

Anti-Israel Demonstration Shenanigans

Just some frenzied hate, antisemitism and violence

Disturbing Image Of The Day

Simply sick.

Occupy Melbourne Protesters Occupied With Violence

Occupy Melbourne protesters scream out their support for the "Intifada" (read: terrorism against Israeli men, women and children), followed by one assaulting an elderly Israel supporter

Naqba Violence

Here's a summary of the violence on this Naqba Day.
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