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Joe Hyams is the CEO of Honest Reporting, an organization dedicated to monitoring the media, exposing cases of anti-Israel bias, promoting balance, and effecting change through education and action.170,000 subscribers across six continents use HonestReporting material and expertise to monitor, understand and respond effectively to specific errant reports and long term bias trends.

Yaakov Kirschen is the cartoonist behind Dry Bones, which he started in 1973, and which ran in the Jerusalem Post and in the USA. He also created the blog-off banner and badges.

The Embassy of Israel in Dublin, located at 122 Pembroke Road (Dublin 4), was opened  in 1994 and serves as an important link between the peoples of Israel and Ireland. Their activities span political, cultural, economical and consular issues. Its homepage is located here.

Prof. Richard Landes was trained as a medievalist, teaching history at Boston University. His work on both forgeries and on the role of intimidation in affecting narrative in medieval history led him to switch fields to the way the media (and academia) represent the Arab-Israeli conflict in the twenty-first century. He maintains four sites, The Center for Millennial Studies (quiescent), The Second Draft, Understanding the Goldstone Report, and he blogs at The Augean Stables.

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