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Latest Palestinian Libel: Aerial Herbicides of Death.ᵀᴹ

Facts do not matter when your goal is to demonize Israel.

Hypocrisy of “Human Rights Organizations” Exposed For All to See

"I wonder how European and American civilians, the taxpayers who fund this corrupted, violent and shameful system, would feel when they find out about this affair."

Did Soros Foundation Grant $2.7M To Adalah?

According to leaked documents, this appears to be the case.

BDS Fail OF The Day

A long time ago in a land far away, BDSHoles defiled Star Wars.

BDS Fail Of The Day

In what is just another gathering of butt-ugly BDSHoles belting out banal BS, a humorous moment occurs

BDS Fail Of The Day

A group of the usual bunch of BDSHoles hit with the ugly stick protesting the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra

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