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Is The ADL Being Islamophobic?

The ADL is describing a well known story as a “conspiracy theory”

It Was The Russian In The Pine Bar With The Polonium In The Teapot

The full story of Polonium poisoning of Litvinenko in London is amazing: what it tells us about Arafat’s death is even more conclusive.
Christian Nuns

Palestinian Saints And Propaganda

Yippee! Two palestinian nuns canonized: an excuse to tell lies about Israel!

The Proper Response To J Street

J Street says the proper response to the Har Nof Massacre is not to respond.

It’s Not About Land, It Never Was

When Jews are murdered at prayer, it is no longer possible to say it's about land.

The Kaffiyeh Has Become a Bit of a Joke, Hasn’t It!

At first I, too, was horrified by the spread of the Kaffiyeh for fashion. It always reminded me of Arafat, therefore it was evil....

The Merchant of Menace

LGF has drawn my attention to UK clothing store Ark, and one of the products it is selling: The Arafat Scarf. This season's must have...
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