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Which One Of These Looks Chickensh*t To You

It’s like shooting terrorists in an Airport. Except only one of these has done that. #Chickenshit

Whoop ’em Ron

If I'm being completely honest, I'd rather see Rev Manning in charge of those United States than the current incumbent!

Imam The Terrible

Clearly appreciative of US efforts to secure the palestinians a state with Jerusalem as its capital, an iman from Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque has praised the US for killing arch terrorist Osama bin Laden. Just kidding.

The Obsession

My friend Yaakov Kirschen of Dry Bones fame has a habit of hitting the mark. He's done it again with this cartoon, which he has not yet published on his own blog, but has sent to me because he's a swell guy.
leobardo headline

The Day In Israel: Mon Nov 15th, 2010

Despite the hot weather for this time of the year, it looks like there will be a freeze.
Obaba Mubarak

The Day In Israel: Wed Sept 15th, 2010

With all the pressure seeming to be on Israel to continue the so-called settlement freeze, we are now reportedly considering a number of gestures towards the palestinians.

The Day In Israel: Tuesday May 25th, 2010

US President Barak Obama met with Lebanese Prime Minister Said Hariri last night and warned of the growing danger of arms smuggling to Hizbullah terrorists.


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