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Star Wars Does Chanukah

Any excuse to use the Force

Israel’s Own Chanukkiah Fail

It's one thing when the Iranians do not know what a proper Chanukkiah looks like. It's another thing when it's the Israeli Prime Minister's office.

Video: Surreal Chanukah Music Moment

Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles and Aimee Mann adapt Walk Like An Egyptian to a Chanukah song

Joe’s World: Happy Xanuka

Pick a spelling, any spelling.

Reader Post: A Great Miracle Happened

Reader Miriam posts how her Chanukah was made more meaningful

I Refuse To Combine Chanukah And Something Else

We don’t care, throw our dreidels in the air!

Matisyahu Does Hanukkah

Oh consarnit, Matisyahu! This is so catchy, I can't stop humming it.

Chanukah 4th Night Feel Good Video

Jerusalem lights up.

And They Shall Beat Their Qassams Into Chanukia

And light them on fire in a good way

Happy Chanukah Technion Style

Well you could have just used a match

Saturday Night Comedy

Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones take some popular songs and give them the festive season treatment. Chanukah included.

Really Belated..But Worth It

Chanukah may have ended last week, and this next video is over a year old, but it brought a huge smile to my face - so it makes the cut

Photo Of The Day

Posted by a soldier stationed in Musa Qal'eh, Afghanistan
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