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MUST WATCH: Absolutely Brilliant Ami Horowitz Completely Destroys Israeli Checkpoint #FakeNews

The media are telling #FakeNews all the time and eventually it comes out of the mouth of John Kerry.

Checkpoints Save Lives

Checkpoints stop Jews getting killed. Removing checkpoints gets Jews killed.

Fighting The “Israel Apartheid” Lie And Other BDS Slanders

Mirabelle takes on some critical issues

Upworthy Lies

Upworthy tells a whopper of a lie in its dramatization of a car accident to show Israeli restrictions on Arab freedom of movement and access to medical care

She Wants To Push The Button Again

We should have pushed her button.
Diana Krall in Raanana

I Was Strangled By A Checkpoint But Not In The West Bank

Have you ever heard the phrase "A system of checkpoints that strangles economic and social life in the West Bank"?
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