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WATCH: #NoWayToTreatAChild

These poor children deserve better than the evil, exploitative parents they have been cursed with

WATCH: Palestinian Tells IDF To Shoot His Child (UPDATED)

Unbelievable footage of Palestinian child abuse.

More Palestinian Child Abuse

Shame on the parents and enablers!

Photo Of The Day: Smiling, Happy Children

A look at the sweet faces of the palestinian children and you have to wonder "Why is it so hard to have peace with our neighbors?"

More Images of Palestinian Child Abuse

With this kind of upbringing, it is no wonder they want us dead. Every last one of us.

Just Some Friendly, Neighborhood Palestinian Child Abuse

More disturbing images we have grown accustomed to seeing

Suffer The Little Children

A life lesson these children will never forget.

48 Years Later, Moderate Fatah Is Still A Terrorist Organization

Fatah celebrates 48 years since their first terrorist attack, in terrorist fashion.

An Israeli Soldier Inappropriately Touches A Palestinian Girl

Doing the work for the other side.
palestinian child abuse

Photo(s) Of The Day

Why don't I hear any "human rights activists" decrying this child abuse?

64-Year Old Saudi Marries 10-Year Old Girl

In the Saudi province of Hail, a 64-year old Saudi man has married a 10-year old girl. You see, the new husband only had one...


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