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WATCH: Human Rights Abusers Try To Silence UN Watch

"They can censor at home, but they cannot censor us at the United Nations."

WATCH: What Do Chinese People Think Of The Jews?

Do you think they have a good impression of Jews?

WATCH: A Notable Exception

“During World War II, over 20,000 Jews found shelter in Shanghai”

Israel And China: New Besties?

Not quite, but latest developments are enough to displease the Muslim/Arab states and BDSHoles

Reader Post: Official Obama Biography Already Stirring up Controversy

Reader Gidon suggests some working titles for the authorized Barack Obama biography

Hasbara: Don’t Try To Win Your Enemies

"Jews will not win with conspicuous displays of Woody Allen-esqe existential anxiety”

China Hearts Israel Water Tech

One billion Chinese thirsty for Israeli tech means one colossal BDS fail.

BDS Fail Of The Day

This is enough to make the BDSHoles choke on their flied lice

Photo Of The Day

Notice anything about these Chinese bodyguards in training?

Making China A Better Place

In which Brian goes to China and visits Better Place's Visitor Centre in Guangzhou

Israellycool In China

I'd make a lousy spy

O-limp-ic Spirit

"Happy, Glorious, Victorious" - until reality kicks in.


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