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Disney Can’t Hide Their Contempt for Jewish Tradition in Hiding “Jerusalem”

The Disney channel recently featured a Pesach/Passover special. See if you can spot the reinvention of Jewish tradition they promulgate
fuller brush man

That Time Disney Went Full Antisemitic Caricature

That time Disney used a full on antisemitic caricature in the Three Little Pigs - yet lived to tell the tale

If Disney Saw Fit to Fire Gina Carano, Why Not Mark Ruffalo?

Following my post on Gina Carano's firing by Disney from The Mandalorian, a friend of mine suggested it may have been because as a ...

Israel Hater Puts Disney Characters On Ice

Once upon a time an Israel hater stole Disney Characters for their propaganda

My Little Princess Automatic Weapon

I don’t think they bought this in the Disney Store™. Do you?

Thursday Night Darth

What will Darth do next?

Hot Air From Not-So-Hot Heir

Abigail Disney shows that hatred of Israel is no Mickey Mouse operation

Three Big Pigs

The recent Arab world revolts explained using Disney and Angry Birds!
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