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Boo Hoo Blackwell

Britains's Association of University Teachers (AUT) is set to revote on their disgraceful decision to boycott Haifa and Bar-Ilan universities. And someone is not...

The Hypocrisy is Torture

A university academic in Australia has caused a furore, by expressing his view that extreme violence against a person may be justifiable in some...

Duke University Editorial: The Aftermath

I just sent this response to Philip Kurian. Mr Kurian,   Please do not mistake my candor and civility with a lack of underlying intense emotion regarding...

Kurian Responds

Philip Kurian responds to my email regarding his anti-Semitic editorial: Dear David, I appreciate your candor and willingness to consider my perspective, however naive and uninformed....

Hat Tip: Hitler

In the wake of last week's PSM anti-Israel conference hatefest at Duke University, and Jewish opposition to it, Duke University senior Phillip Kurian has decided...

Terror Conference at Duke University

The decision by Duke University to host the 2004 conference of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement (PSM), has sparked extensive discussion on the issue of free speech. "You...


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