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Elon Musk Of Tesla In Israel For A Secret Visit To MobileEye

BDSHoles better get used to walking, because it’s going to be hard to find a car that’s not got Israeli tech inside.

What’s In Your Food?

Now, courtesy of another Israeli startup, you can point a little key ring gizmo at whatever you want and find out what it’s made of!

Are You Stuck In London?

Want to come and see what a real tech startup nation looks like?

Burying The Lead – Better Place And The Smart Grid

It might be a fight about wires on streets, but its really about the future of the electricity grid.

Apple: Designed In California & Israel?

The real question: why did it take Apple so long?

Israeli Secret Sauce Is The Real Power Inside Better Place’s Electric Cars

The cars are built within a Renault chassis and Renault have been a vital partner for Better Place, but the main technological innovation comes from Israel.

I Went To A Better Place And Returned A Changed Man

I can't believe it's not running on Jihad fuel!


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