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More Antisemitism at McGill University: Student Councillor Asked to Resign Over Trip to Israel

Recently, McGill student councilor Jordyn Wright was asked to resign from the Students Society of McGill University for agreeing to go on a political neutral trip that exposed students to both sides, simply because it was sponsored by the Jewish student society.

Are You a Jew With Trembling Knees?

Do you shrink in fear in the face of the enemy? If so, then you’re just the kind of Jew Hillel international wants you to be.

Brown/RISD Hillel Is #SorryNotSorry

Their little statement that wasn't.

Hillel’s Brilliant PR Move: Make #NakbaGate Disappear!

We should slowly create an environment where groups like JVP are ostracized, not considered as our brothers and sisters

Root And Stem

Time to weed the garden

Brown/RISD Hillel: The Nakba Gift That Keeps On Giving

Yet another Nakba event just one day after the first one. Guess they didn't learn their lesson...

Open Hillel Exposes Brown Students – And Hillel – For Playing Both Sides

Hillel is caught telling donors one thing, but Open Hillel reports differently

Hillel Commemorating the Nakba: The Only Path to Enlightenment

Jewish student organization Hillel celebrates Nakba Day instead of Israeli Independence Day

The Wedge Driving Students Away

Hint: What is the worst insult you could give a college student?

The Problem With Hillel

We need to reform Jewish advocacy on campus. The next generation depends on it.

Breaking the Silence’s Web of Lies & Treason

The even more disturbing truth about Breaking the Silence

Hillel Lies On Army Radio: “J Street Columbia is NOT Part of Hillel!”

Hillel somehow argues that bringing in Breaking the Silence is good for Israel. Fails miserably.

The Hillel/Breaking the Silence Saga Continues – This Time With Spies!

We find out that they are even viler, sketchier, and more sinister than we could have imagined
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