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Publishing Peter Beinart’s Press Release Is Not Journalism

All Beinart and Farooqi did was occupy an Arab’s land and wreck his goats’ grazing!

Breaking the Silence’s Web of Lies & Treason

The even more disturbing truth about Breaking the Silence

The Hillel/Breaking the Silence Saga Continues – This Time With Spies!

We find out that they are even viler, sketchier, and more sinister than we could have imagined

J Street Convinces Hillel to Break the Rules, Support Breaking the Silence

Hillels across the country are hosting the notorious anti-Israel group, Breaking the Silence.

J Street Bans Jewish Critic, Welcomes Fatah Member to National Conference

Fatah's Salam Fayyad will be speaking at J Street conference, pro-Israel student Daniel Mael will not be allowed into the building

Reader Post: Our Own Undermine Our Cause

Reader The College Rabbi says we need to examine what we in pro Israel camp can be doing to promote our just cause
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