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Jen Psaki As Contestant On Don’t Say It! The Game Show

It's fun for the whole family! Unless you are a Jewish one..

In Which Jen Psaki Randomly Doesn’t Say The J Word

Jen Psaki stutters and stumbles over the word "nationality" but never sez the J word.

Jen Psaki: Kerry Has Made Dozens Of CALLS On Israel’s Behalf

Israel should be GRATEFUL that Sec. Kerry has made simply DOZENS of calls on its behalf!

Will Obama And Kerry Come Through For Israel At UN Security Council?

As Palestinians push ahead, the State Department continues to waffle.

Video: Jen Psaki Epic Fail


Haaretz: State’s One-Stop Shop For (News) Shlock

Jen stuttered when she got to the part of her statement that was untruthful. It's her "tell."

Jen Sez: How Dare They Shoot That Jew-Killer Dead?

Dalia Lemkus lost her life, but State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki wants more information about how Israel could have had the nerve to shoot the murderer dead with a live bullet.

Jen Psaki Still In Denial Over Operation Protective Edge

Watch as military genius Jen Psaki disputes General Dempsey's description of Operation Protective Edge

Chickensh*t-Gate: No Apology For You!

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki confirms the US administration will not apologize for chickenshit-gate.
When is a terrorist not a terrorist, Jen Psaki, State Department, Matt Lee

When Is A Terrorist Not A Terrorist? Just Ask Jen

Guy throwing a Molotov cocktail? Jen sez: Not a terrorist.

Lethal State Department

Lethal journalism is directly driving the actions of the Secretary of State of the US.

What Will It Take For US To Renounce Palestinian Unity Government?

If rocket fire on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is not sufficient for the US to reconsider its recognition of the Hamas government, what would be?

Obama’s Loud Silence

The President will not condemn the kidnapping and murder of our boys and this is why the media decided it's really no big deal.
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