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WATCH: Why Is The News Fake?

Here’s what I know about the way one critical news wire operates and why #FakeNews about Israel is part of its business model.

Questions To Break The Silence

Matti Friedman wants to know where is the American, British or French Breaking the Silence?

Podcast Feels Like A Duck Or A Llama

We time travel back to 2006 and a non-anonymous interview with an IDF soldier after the last Lebanon war.

Washington Post Publishes Unverified, Anonymous Claims From BTS

Who needs verification, when Israel can be depicted as a villain?

Matti Friedman: B’Tselem Has Lost Its Way If Not Its Mind

In which veteran journalist Matti Friedman becomes disenchanted with B'Tselem.

Matti Friedman’s Most Excellent Speech

Mandatory reading

Guest Post (Mark Lavie): The State Of “Journalism” In Gaza

"From my experience, there’s something more sinister going on here. When looking for a Palestinian reporter to cover Gaza, there’s not a lot of choice."

The Philip Morris Handbook For Amoral Corporate Damage Control

Hey AP: don't categorically deny something that's pretty easy to confirm.

Contrary To Claims Of NYT Bureau Chief, AP Director Is Latest To Confirm Hamas...

Fallout from Friedman's explosive piece in The Atlantic

The Secret Is What Is Left Out

The Associated Press in Jerusalem. What is left out? Who don’t they speak to? What reports will they never cover?

After Shocks In The AP Story

If you want something to change, you have to understand the economics: you are the product being sold to advertisers.

Claiming A Jewish Conspiracy Controls US Politics Might Not Be Best Way To Prove...

Steven Gutkin's follow-up serves primarily as an illustration, rather than a rebuttal, of the way the AP's Jerusalem Bureau is tainted by an agenda that prevents accurate reporting

Taking The Fight To The Associated Press

Good journalists and news rooms need to wake up and realise how bad the AP brand is on Israel and how much it taints their otherwise good work.


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