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Exclusive: Blatant Antisemitism at McGill General Assembly

Blatant antisemitism couched in feel-good language,

McGill’s Biggest Student Paper Admits: “We Refuse To Publish Anything Zionist”

"The [McGill] Daily maintains an editorial line of not publishing pieces which promote a Zionist worldview,"

The Unravelling Of a Leftist: The Anti-War Hero

Lex deconstructs the anti-war mentality

BLM-Affiliated Black Student Groups Flirt With Antisemitism

Where there is BDS activism, there is inevitably antisemitism.

Hillel’s Brilliant PR Move: Make #NakbaGate Disappear!

We should slowly create an environment where groups like JVP are ostracized, not considered as our brothers and sisters

The BDS Connection To Terrorism

Has BDS done anything positive yet?
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