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Hollywood Stars Salute Israel at 70

Because there are some non-numbskulls in Hollywood

WATCH: Michael Douglas Wishes Israel a Happy 70th Birthday

Not to worry, BDS-holes! You had to boycott Basic Instinct anyway

SJP Exposes Its Own Hypocrisy

Truth is the biggest threat to BDS

Michael Douglas In Israel; Rips BDSHoles

"Whoever boycotts Israel is against peace and is sabotaging it"

Photo Of The Day: Tunnel Attraction Edition

Michael Douglas visiting the terror tunnels

Video: Michael Douglas Recounting Antisemitic Incident With His Son

Once again, good on Michael for speaking up about this

Michael Douglas Confronts Antisemitism

Michael Douglas has written an op-ed after his son suffered antisemitic abuse in Europe last year

Michael Douglas, The Genesis Of A Prize

Mazal tov to Michael Douglas for being awarded the $1 million Genesis Prize award for his efforts to promote Jewish culture

Michael Douglas Digs Israel

Although it's hardly a fatal attraction, his romance with the stones continues
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