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Why Do They Keep Stabbing Us In The Neck?

Quran 47:4 "Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers in fight, smite at their necks."

Ezra Schwartz: Someone’s Son, Someone’s Brother, Someone’s Childhood Friend

Ezra Schwartz was just a kid, and his childhood friends now have to deal with the fact that he was murdered in cold blood because he was a Jew.
The Murder Specialist And The Headache That Would Not Quit

The Murder Specialist And The Headache That Would Not Quit

Meet Varda, the murder specialist.

Checkpoints Save Lives

Checkpoints stop Jews getting killed. Removing checkpoints gets Jews killed.

Hamas Killing More Palestinians

"Accordingly, the implementation of the rule of revolutionary justice."

Arrests That Send Shivers

All we can do is add our voices of disgust and revulsion, pending an actual trial and conviction

I Bet You’ve Never Heard Of Omaima Jaradat

It’s almost certain a Jew didn’t kill this girl so you don’t need to care

It’s Not Us, It’s Them

What amount of appeasement or concession will stop the bloodletting?

Who You Gonna Fire NYT?

When are they going to get around to firing someone for this kind of stuff?

Unfortunate Name of the Day

..belonged to this woman. A woman who tried to flee a Ku Klux Klan initiation rite was allegedly shot dead by the group's leader in...
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